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Shout out to all of the Veterans!! Without you, we would not have any of the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. Your sacrifices should never be forgotten and you should be celebrated on more than one day per year!!

As we enter the 12th week of school, there are some housekeeping items that we need to address.

Let's take a look at some of the aspects of your gradebook that will come in handy as we enter a new quarter (for elementary teachers).

Elementary teachers, you do NOT have to create a separate gradebook as we begin the 2nd quarter. Each of the quarter grades are considered "progress" grades. The final grade will combine all four quarters to give each scholar a culminating "final" grade. As such, you will want to keep using the same gradebook all year long. To help with organizing your gradebook, you can use the filter feature.

When you click on your gradebook, you have the ability to filter what you see. You can click on "yes" in the enabled category and then choose Quarter 2. This will allow you to use the same gradebook but only see the current quarter's assignments. The grade will reflect the first quarter progress plus current second quarter assignments as they are factored into the overall grade.

As you know, report cards have been created and were sent home last week (for Maria), this week (Circle). The report cards are also available in the portal. Please encourage your parents to get signed up for the portal and utilize it as a way to keep on top of their child's performance in class and is a great tool for our families.

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