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Personalized Review Assignments (PRA's).....

Personalized Review Assignments are active NOW in Illuminate.

What is a PRA?

Teachers can assign specific enrichment or remediation lessons from a variety of resources to target learning gaps and/or encourage growth based upon a scholar's performance on an assessment. These resources can be assigned by the teacher to automatically become available to a scholar based upon their performance on an assessment as a whole, or on a specific standard or set of standards.

Who can assign a PRA?

The author of an assessment or anyone who has that assessment shared with them

Can PRA's be assigned in any assessment within Illuminate?

At this time, only Flexible assessments have the ability to add PRA's. Itembank Assessments will be available in the fall.

Do you have to take an assessment online to use the PRA's?

No, you can give the assessment as a paper/pencil assessment as long as you have entered the assessment into Illuminate (as a flexible) you can add the PRA's, as they will become available once the assessment has been graded. If there are teacher graded parts of the assessment, the PRA's will become available when those questions have been graded.

What resources are available to use in the PRA's?

Khan Academy, YouTube, Google, and OpenEd are choices that are given from the start. You can also add a URL from additional resources you may be using.

How do I add a resource, per standard or assessment?

You can add a resource for a specific skill or standard, or add resources to all standards or add resources to some standards. You decide. You can also add resources as an enrichment/challenge activity for those that achieve 100% on the assessment/standard.

Where do I start?

Use this Quick Guide to get started

A more detailed Knowledge Base Article can be found here.

Give it a shot and let us know how it turns out.

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