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The below instructions are to install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone and configure multi-factor authentication readiness for your Microsoft 365 account.  You should have your phone ready and available and sitting at a PC when going through these instructions.

Step 1: On your mobile phone, obtain and install the Microsoft Authenticator application from the iOS App Store or Google Play store:







Step 2: On you PC, open a web browser and go to Enter your credentials (same as your email address).




Step 3: Click Next to get to the next screen where it prompts you to obtain the Microsoft Authenticator App.  You should have already downloaded and installed the authenticator app on your mobile device.  Click Next.



Step 4: At this point you should see a QR Code – keep this screen open, as you’ll use this QR Code for Step 7.






Step 5: Back to your phone, tap on the Authenticator app (if it’s not open already), and click on the plus sign to add an account to Authenticator.



Step 6: On the next screen, select Work or school account, this will bring you to the next screen where you’ll have to scan the QR code displayed in your browser. Scan the code from Step 4.




Step 7: Hold your phone up to your monitor to have the app automatically capture the code.  (Note: the second image is from a different MFA app and different cloud based system, but the concept is the same.)



Step 8: After scanning the code, you shoud see the account added to your Authenticator app.


When logging into Microsoft 365, you may be prompted for the MFA code.  Grab your phone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app, look for the code corresponding to your login.  Then type that code on the screen that is prompting for the information.   The code changes every 30 seconds, so if you happen to check the code with only a few seconds remaining, you can just wait for the new code and enter that one.  As long as you don’t wait more than a few minutes, you should be able to enter the code displayed on your mobile device. If you wait too long, you may have to refresh your browser and login again.

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