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Scholar Portal

Welcome to week 5. As we are deep in the middle of the first quarter, it is getting closer to assessment time and I have been getting some questions on how scholars can access Illuminate. Remember, scholars taking an online assessment can do so through their Illuminate portal. And of course, new this year, they can check their grades, schedule, and results of their assessments through the portal.

Scholars use the same Home connection as parents do,

How do they access the portal? The Illuminate HC app can be downloaded on phones or ipads. The site is also the home page on chromebooks, laptops, and desktops as they open the browser. If the scholar is a returning scholar, they will already have access. How do you check?

On your home page of Illuminate, Control K will bring up the search box and type manage portal access

This will bring you to this screen

From this screen, you can search for the scholar's name. If you find the name, it means that the scholar has access to the portal--the username is the scholar ID number. The password can be a temporary one or will have been already changed by the scholar.

You have two options at this point:

1. If the scholar doesn't remember the password, you can click on the box next to the red circle and delete that scholar's access. Then you would use the add student button on top to give the scholar access again, this time with a general password. Once the scholar logs in with that temporary password, they will be asked to change the password. At this point (for older scholars) have them use their 8 digit birthdate as the password.

2. If the scholar is not on this list it means they do not have access--use the add button as explained above to give them access.

If the scholar has access and cannot remember their password, you can reset it on this screen or go to the student demographic page.

This is the default student demographic page. If you do not see the email box on this screen, click on select layout and choose the "Student Demographics Default". This will then be your default page going forward.

On this Student Demographic Default page you can scroll down and find a " Change Portal Password" button.

Click on the "change" button and reset the scholar password to their 8 digit birthdate or an easier password for younger scholars.

You can also change their password from the online administration page as you are getting ready to have the scholars take an assessment in Illuminate.

If you are preparing for using Illuminate to give an online assessment or if you have scholars who are wanting to check their progress, you have many options to grant them access to the portal. If you have any difficulty, take a look at this How To document and/or put a ticket in the system.

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