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Progress Reports

Welcome Week 8!

In the past two weeks, we've had a chance to meet with parents and scholars about their progress in their classes. There are a number of reports that you can run to provide detailed information to parents and scholars, and you as teachers about the progress of your scholars. Let's take a look at a few.

The Progress Reports that were run and printed for distribution can be run by teachers as well as administrators and office staff.

The Gradebook Progress Report Elementary and Gradebook Secondary Checkup Report are marked as district favorites so you can find them under Reports-->View Reports-->Favorites. These can be run by all teachers at any time and are an excellent resource to use with your scholars and their families.

Both progress reports bring up a student scope selector which helps you to identify the scholars that you would like to include in the report along with the detailed information.

This is the elementary scope selector. You can choose the scholars in the section above. Also, select a grading period (Q1, Q2, etc). You can include overall scores, overall scores with categories, overall scores with categories and assignments and overall scores with assignments. Include a list of missing assignments or not, include a summary chart or not.

This is the high school selector. A bit different as it will render a "secondary" looking report. The grading periods (Sem 1 or Sem 2). Include points or not, color code or not, summary chart, or not.

What other types of reports can you run from your gradebook?

The Assignment Calendar puts all of your assignments in calendar form.

The Blank Scoresheet gives you a spreadsheet with names and empty spaces for marking scores.

The contact report gives you a list of contacts for your scholars in one report

The Progress Report (phasing out) is the older version of the above reports. Illuminate will be phasing these out as the other Progress Reports are more detailed.

The Class Grade Report allows you to take a look at a summary of the gradebook for a specific class.

The Assignment Report gives you a detailed look at assignments within a gradebook

The Standards Report gives you a look at how scholars are doing with regards to identified standards (must be attached to all assessments and assignments).

Progress Report Comments are for entering comments with regards to a scholar's performance in categories.

The next 3 reports can also be found in the Reports section.

Spreadsheet (either excel or PDF) would give you a spreadsheet form of your gradebook.

As you can see there are a number of ways that you can get a detailed look at the data contained within your gradebooks. This data can be very helpful in informing your instruction and getting a better picture of your scholars.

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