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Illuminate User Conference...

A number of us were lucky to spend some time at the Midwest User Conference this past week. I'm happy that we can share some resources from the conference. I'm going to break down a few topics below and link some of the presentations from the conference so that you can take a look.


First time using Illuminate Assessments, take a look at this "how-to"

Taking a look at the prebuilt assessments available in the Illuminate Itembank. How to utilize them and how to choose the best ones that will support your scholar's learning.

Utilize the flex assessment feature to build interactive assessments to enrich and remediate instruction.

Lightning grader allows you to have multiple choice and constructed response on the same test and capture the scholar's work in Illuminate. Scanner grading, camera grading and other tips and tricks.

Learn all about the new features added within the past year. Assessment panel, quick rostering, annotation of student responses and new online testing tools that your scholars will love.

How to create, give, and report using Skills Assessments. Skills Assessments can record data for anything that is assessed one-on-one.

Build a common formative assessment that you can easily share with your peers and expose students to varied rigor levels in the math classroom.

Explore Illuminate's itembank feature with a specific focus on ELA. How to navigate passages, find item attributes such as Lexile, word count, and other tips and tricks.

View some samples of how teachers can use summary assessments in Illuminate.

Take a look at the changes that are coming to make the assessment feature of Illuminate even more user-friendly for teachers and scholars.

Making Sense of the Data:

Tips and tricks in using the student profile, assessments and other creative resources that will help teachers know their scholars and to help inform instruction.

Explore the process of reviewing and evaluating the data-meaning-action cycle within your classroom.

Introduction to custom reporting

Take the data you are collecting and turn it into actionable communication both internally and externally. Create personalized custom form letters from the data collected in multiple spaces throughout the system.

Maximize the power of the various reports and curriculum resources that Illuminate has to offer.

There are plenty more resources available if you click here.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!! Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing time with family and friends.

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