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Answers, please....

Week 9, here we come! We've spent some time this year so far getting used to a new student information system along with a new gradebook. Some growing pains and some hiccups along the way but we are moving in the right direction. I wanted to make sure that you had a good idea of where you can go to have your Illuminate questions answered or get help when needed.

1. The Illuminate Help Desk.

--You can get there in a number of ways. Email with your question and as much detail as you can give them. Please be careful not to include sensitive information.

--You can also call the help desk to get immediate help at 949-242-0343. If it is a question about an assessment, choose 1. If it is a question about gradebook or the student information system, choose 2.

--Visit the help desk by clicking on your control panel icon, and selecting Illuminate Help Desk. If you have never visited the help desk on the website, you will be asked to create an account--simply use the same information as your regular account and you will head right there.

In the help desk you have a couple of options; visit the community where you can ask questions of other Illuminate users or submit a request which allows you to enter a ticket through the system. You can also type your subject in the Search bar and see help desk articles based upon your topic.

Below the search bar you will see a number of different subject areas that you can explore.

2. Our ROCKITS help desk also has over 40 KB articles on topics that will be helpful as you navigate this new system. Simply go to the help desk and search for keywords and you will get suggestions on KB articles that may help with your issue.

3. Submit a ticket to ROCKITS Help Desk. Be as specific as you can and one of the Catalyst Illuminate Team will help you with your issue.

4. Illuminate has a Vimeo channel that you may visit to watch videos on specific topics.

A number of different ways that you can reach out to get assistance with Illuminate. Please don't hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities and become more comfortable as the year progresses.

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