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Switching Camera Between Apps  
  • Always close the program before switching over to another application that will request Camera, Microphone, or Audio access.  

  • If your camera won't start, ensure that the previous application was closed, and then try relaunching the application you wish to use 

Switching Camera Between Apps  
Camera Won't Turn On? 

On Chrome/other browser? try checking the permissions on your browser or relaunch your browser: 

  1. Click on the lock icon next to the URL in the search bar

  2. Verify that the camera has been "Allowed" 

  3. On Teams? Check the device settings on Teams 

    1. Open the menu

  4. Select "Show device settings" 

  5. Ensure that the correct device has been chosen 

  6. "Did you restart your computer?" 

Camera Won't Turn on?
Audio / Microphone Volume and Clarity  
Do you know what the internet would be like without sound? Neither do we. Make sure you always have the most optimal video, audio, and microphone setup quality so that you can deliver the best online schooling, and your scholars can agree! 
Audio / Microphone Volume and Clarity  
How to change your Password? 
How to change your
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del  

  • Change password 

    • Confirm old password 

    • Enter new password 

Adding Signature to Outlook
  • To create an Email signature please create a new email. Then Click on Signature.  

  • In Signature and Stationary, please select ‘New’, Then Enter your name and click ‘ok’ 

  • 3.       Now in the ‘Edit Signature’ box, please copy and paste the following and customize to your classroom, school information and the phone number.
    4.       Press ‘OK’ and start using your signature.

Having trouble with your mic?  
  1. Make sure that it is not muted on the application you are on 

  2. Make sure that it is enabled on (check the permissions you set on your web browser) 

  3. Make sure you did not disable it on your keyboard functions (F4 Key) 

  4. Did you try restarting your computer? 

  5. If you are having advanced issues, please submit a ticket with us 

  6. Still having trouble? Try it yourself 

Having trouble with your mic?  
Network Connection
WiFi will be your most common way of connecting to the internet unless you have a wired connection.

Having issues with your wireless connection on campus? Try troubleshooting the WiFi: 


Having issues with your wireless connection at home? Here's how to add a new WiFi network on Windows 10: 

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