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Milestone Progress Update 6/25/21

Milestones completed between 6/14/21-6/25/21:

  • Returning Device QA CCR

  • Returning Device QA CSM

  • Summer School Device Prep

In Progress:

  • GAdmin User Cleanup (75% complete)

  • Dungeon Inventory (28% complete)

  • Server Room Upgrades CCR( 20% complete)

  • RMA(75% complete)

  • Device Label Printing

Projects Starting Next Week:

  • Chromebook Inventory

  • Lab Teardown

  • Server Room Upgrades CSM

  • GAdmin Device Cleanup

Device Check-In 











Summer Project Planning 4/24/2021 


NEW Scholar Device Pick-up


CSM Grades 3rd-7th Device Distribution 02/02/21-02/05/21:

Data on the 2020/2021 student device checkout project.

  • 02/02: 69

  • 02/03: 49

  • 02/04: 26

  • 02/05: 60

      Total : 206

NEW Staff Device Pick-up 

X1 Deployment 

Data on the teacher checkout project worked on over the last 2 weeks.


  • Picked Up:  Gen Ed Staff
    33/49 = 67.35%

  • Remaining:​

               16/49 = 32.65 %



  • Picked Up: Gen ED

     44/47​ - 93.62 %

  • Remaining:

     3/49 = 6.38 %


​      CCR:

  • Picked Up: Gen Ed Staff


  • Remaining

    11/35 = 31.43 %

     2/54 =  3.7 %

  • Impact User's w/o X1


​      Admin:

  • Picked Up

     8/15 = 53.33 %​

  • Remaining

     7/15 = 46.67 % ​​

  • Link to primary data: Here

Overview: Timeline X1

  • 04/24/21 - Summer Project Planning
  • 02/02/21 - New Scholar Device Pickup
  • 01/19/21 - New Staff Device Pickup

  • 09/09/20 - Beginning of 2020/2021 School Year


Professional Development and Support

Professional Development and Support:

  • PD on Google Classroom/Google Meet/Teams (our main learning management systems)

  • PD on Google extensions and alternative tools (tools to be more effective in the classroom)

  • PD on Lightspeed Relay (tool to manage scholar devices during their use remotely)

  • PD on Clever, FastBridge, Illuminate, Kami

  • Both schools creating Family portal to help families maneuver through remote learning

  • Daily tech office hours to answer questions and troubleshoot for teachers



  • system used to streamline the log in to instructional programs and resources for both scholars and staff.

  • allows scholars to click and enter quickly into tools and programs

  • Rosters are already synced to the appropriate teacher, any changes made are automatic



  • Both elementary schools are using to screen scholars

  • Results will identify gaps and which scholars need additional support (MTSS)

  • Progress Monitoring tools

Lightspeed Relay:

  • Relay Classroom is a tool to help facilitate and manage your students’ Internet activity during class. With Relay Classroom, you can monitor web traffic, respond to the students who need help, and so much more.

  • Teachers can see and control what Scholars are looking at and are able to control using focus mode.

3cx Phone System: 

  • Every teacher is now given an extension to call from home using our internal 3cx system

  • Every call that is made now goes through Main number for each campus.

  • Digital receptionist has been turned on so parents can call back to the extension if needed

  • Mobile phone apps have also been added.

E-Learning 2020/2021:

  • Last quarter of year 2019-2020 allowed us to prepare for the upcoming year but there were a few unknown issues that made us change our trajectory. 

  • Devices were not returned on time that resulted in delay

  • New device procurement due to China/ US trade issues. 

  • Overwhelming amount of trouble tickets that backed-up tech staff for over 72 hrs for the first 3 days.

  • Parents limited knowledge of devices and technology.

  • Methods of contacting. 


What are we doing next

Hired one more staff member

Proactive calling to each parent who need support and to do a health check on our devices. 

Open (physical) hours for parents from 8-9 and 5-6 (virtual hours) 

Tech Virtual hours for teachers as well as weekly virtual PD on a topic of choice.

Utilizing our robust Knowledgebase to support faster using AI.

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