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lost / damaged devices
If any of your Catalyst Schools property is stolen please follow this process:

Email the details of what happened within 24 hours. That email should be addressed to the following people -
MSOC/Office Manager, Principal, Director of IT (for technology items) 
Imran Shamim |
Dawn Sandoval | (CSM)
Elizabeth Dunn | (CCR)
Roxanne Salas | (CSM)
LaQuesha Miller | (CCR)

If stolen - complete a police report,  YOU MUST submit a copy of the report to the Director of IT and a replacement will be issued as quickly as possible 
If and/or when you leave the employ of Catalyst Schools you will be expected to return all equipment.  If you fail to do so, you will be asked to deliver missing items before you receive your last check. 

If negligence is found, you'll be responsible for a device deductible of $500 to get a replacement device.
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