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Technology Specialist

Active - RegularChicago, IL, US

Requisition ID : 1099

To develop, administer, and manage projects, security devices, computer equipment, software, printers, and other technology necessary for efficient operations of the Catalyst Schools. Collaborate to achieve short- and long-range goals through coordination with Technology Directors and other Catalyst Schools Technology staff by providing consistency and standards across the Catalyst Schools network. To assist in the development and implementation of professional development opportunities for Administrators, Staff and Students at Catalyst Schools network.

The candidate will perform both of these roles while employed at Catalyst Schools

Helpdesk Manager 

A Helpdesk manager's job is to oversee timely delivery of quality technical support service to clients, whether they are internal clients working for the same company or external clients who have contracted technical support service. This requires both knowledge of the software or hardware systems being supported and effective personnel management skills. Helpdesk managers are responsible for supporting Windows, ChromOS and MacOS software systems with a networking component

IT Project Manager 

IT project managers are responsible for planning, executing, creating and managing the way an organization utilizes computers and technology for business and communication activities. They are generally expected to choose and manage all the components necessary for a network to run efficiently and reliably. They often times have to continually analyze the computer needs of an organization and make recommendations based on not only the current trends in information technology but also what products and services best fit within an organization's budget. IT project managers work with Technology Directors to recommend the best products and services possible to meet an organization's goals. At the same time, these managers direct and work with other IT professionals.


• Perform troubleshooting and research toward the resolution of technology related problems 
• Work with directors to design, plan and implement, which includes reading blueprints and creating graphic representations. 
• Assists in analyzing techniques and procedures, including consulting with users to determine hardware, software and systems functional specifications. (i.e. PLTW)
• Assists with the creation, design, documentation, testing, modification of computer programs related to operating systems. (i.e suggesting upgrades Windows and iPad profiles)
• Assists in the development and implementation of professional development opportunities for Administrators, Staff and Students.
• Create and update problem records in the Network support ticket system 
• Oversees on-site installation, support and troubleshooting 
• Setup and deployment of computers for faculty, staff and students 
• Help in the creation of professional development opportunities to support staff development and training on new technology.
• Participate in professional development geared to help administrators, teachers and students use technology in an efficient and ethical manner. 
• Demo programs to support instruction and proper operation of district computers 
• Identify and evaluate RMA coordinating with third party vendors
• Assists with other technology problems and equipment operations
• Assists with configuration plan and set up of printers, projection devices, and monitors to work effectively for various instructional purposes 
• Serve as a role model for students and staff in demonstrating positive attitudes, appropriate attire and grooming, and an effective work ethic 
• Some physical lifting of 25+ pounds.

Technology focused Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, Information Systems) or a minimum of 1-2 year of experience in a similar field.


Proficient skills in customer service and satisfaction
• Excellent organizational skills with ability to work accurately with attention to detail.
• Proficient skills in customer service and satisfaction
• Willingness to learn and adapt to new systems and procedures.
• Ability to troubleshoot, think outside the box.

A Technology Specialist will have knowledge in an extensive variety of software.
• Operating Systems
• Server Administration 
• E-Mail (Microsoft O365)
• Microsoft Office /Office 365 Suite
• Filtering and Monitoring
• Remote Access

Technology Specialist will be required to travel.

Send Resume to: Imran Shamim

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