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What about assessments I already have???

One of the big advantages to using Illuminate is the ability to collect data and try and get a picture of the "whole" scholar. But what about all of those assessments that you have used in the past? How do you get all of that data into Illuminate so that you can utilize it to inform your instruction? Let's take a look at a few...

Summary Assessments

Do you collect data in a spreadsheet? Things like Dojo points, Rubric scores, or independent instructional program results? Anything that you are collecting that helps you to identify strengths, areas of growth or academic gaps can be uploaded into Illuminate so that you can then use it to compare with assessment, behavior or demographic information.

Creating a summary assessment is as easy as using your existing spreadsheet--all you need to do is to make sure you include the ID # of the scholar. That's it. Identify the columns you want to use, match them to your spreadsheet and upload. The data will now be a part of the scholar record and can be pulled into a custom report. Not only can you upload existing data but you can then use the summary assessment to continue to collect and input the data as a running "assessment". Spreadsheets full of data are only helpful if you are going to use it to inform your instruction--Summary Assessments can help you do just that.

Manual/Hybrid/Flexible Assessments

There are many of you that have a plethora of assessments and materials that you already have created and would like to continue to use as a part of your instruction. No need to create an Itembank assessment in Illuminate if you have a perfectly good assessment that you've already created in Word or as a PDF.

A Manual assessment is one that you would like to get an answer key for and input the scores manually in Illuminate. This option would allow you to give a paper/pencil test with either a bubble answer sheet(one that will be graded as you can scan them into Illuminate) or a traditional answer sheet (one that you would have to correct and enter into Illuminate).

A Hybrid assessment is one that you would like scholars to take online but you already have the assessment as a word document or a PDF. This option allows you to use your own "test booklet" as an online assessment that scholars will see at the same time as an answer sheet--side by side.

A Flexible assessment is an improved form of the manual/hybrid assessments. More types of questions for online testing while using your own materials.

Avoid that added stress!!

No need to reinvent the wheel! Assessing scholars every day in a number of different ways, using a variety of tools can be stressful and time consuming. If you have an assessment or other materials that you already are using but would like to make sure you include that data in Illuminate, the above methods will help you accomplish that goal. These types of assessments will be a great time saver for you and will better inform your instruction.

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