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Enhancements and Fixes....

In the past month or so, Illuminate has made a few enhancements and fixes to their different modules. All are designed to make processes easier for teachers and administrators by making things more efficient and user friendly. I wanted to detail a few of these enhancements and fixes so that you are aware of them and can utilize them if needed.

In the Assessment Category:

For those of you using the Lightning Grader:

You can choose to have the Lightning Grader show Student name or ID when in scanning mode (handy for those of you who grade while in class with scholars.

Also, you can choose to have a beep sound to make sure you are capturing each answer sheet.

You can toggle between Student and Teacher View in the scanning window. In teacher mode, incorrect answers are now a drop down for easier access. Switching from Student to Teacher mode comes with a confirmation window to make sure the mode switch is what you intended.

See the results for scholars as you scan.

Easier methods to tag Flexible assessments available now.

Being able to mark a Flexible Assessment as a favorite helps to find it faster within your Assessment page.

Hopefully you can take advantage of these enhancements and if you have ideas of changes you would like to see Illuminate make, you can suggest them here on their AHA page.

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